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Sling Consultancy
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One-on-one are tailored to your needs, whether you are new to babywearing and want to find out more about slings and baby carriers or already have a carrier or sling and want to learn more about it.

A consultation lasts up to 90 minutes and costs Euro 60.00 per person.

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Duo consultation session are specially for couples who would like to find out more about slings and babywearing or already have a carrier or sling and want to learn more about it. Tailored to your needs.

A consultation lasts up to 120 minutes and costs Euro 85.00 per couple.

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The first session takes place before the arrival of your baby, and the second session after. During the second session I will help you with any troubleshooting if necessary.

First consultation lasts up to 90 minutes and the second up to 60 minutes. Costs are Euro 120.00.

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Feel happy & confident using your sling with your baby

Wearing your baby is a beautiful experience, for both you and your baby. There are so many different types or carrier and lots of pretty designs available. With all this choice you may need some help finding the perfect carrier for you and your baby – and that’s where I come in!

As certified Babywearing Consultant I can help you decide which sling is right for you. During every consultation or workshop you will learn about the benefits of babywearing, the ergonomically correct positioning of your baby and how to use slings and carriers safely.

  • Learn about the benefits of slings
  • Ergonomically correct positioning

  • Try different slings

  • Gain confidence with a sling you already have

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Consultations can be held before the arrival of your baby

What you need to know about a sling consultancy session

A sling consultation is always tailored to your needs but generally it covers: an introduction to babywearing & benefits, ergonomically correct positioning, demo of different slings and you can try different slings.

We will get you to feel confident and comfortable wearing your baby in your sling – and teach you how to use it on your own!
I have special weighted babywearing dolls that are great for practicing with, they are very patience and love being carried. You can learn how to use a sling with a doll and then when you (and your baby) are ready – we try the sling with your baby. The sessions are totally baby-led, you can feed and change your baby at any time during the session.
Most of the time the answer is yes, if you can carry your baby in your arms then you can also have your bay in a sling. However I do always recommend discussing it with your health professional. Please contact me with any health issues and we discuss it before the session.
Yes you can and it might even make it easier for you as lifting baby in/out beds is harder than having your little one close to you. They feel weightless if positioned correctly. With everything you do, especially post surgery, you will need to listen to your body.
You don’t need to have a sling to have a consultation. I will bring a sling of each sling type: stretchy wrap, woven wrap, ring sling, mei tai and soft structured carrier. If you have a sling already make sure to let me know and we will make you feel happy and comfortable using the sling.
Yes, you can rent a sling after a consultation. The fee is Euro 5.00 per week.
Yes you can. I offer a selection of slings in the online shop. My consultation stash includes a variety of brands and not all are available in my shop. All of them are available in Ireland.

Trageschule Trained Sling Consultant

Based in Dublin and available for home consultations. Bump, Newborns, twins, special needs, toddlers. All consultations are tailored to your needs.

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